Bristol Escape Rooms

We’re back

Bristol’s latest Escape Game, Operation Omicron, has finally arrived. You’re a counter espionage team. A rogue KGB agent armed a nuclear device, which you have 60 minutes to disarm.

This is an intense game, employing real counter espionage techniques. Observation, communication and team work are essential to succeed.

New location

We've moved to a fantastic new location, next to the M Shed on the Harbourside.


Covid safe

Operation Omicron was designed to be a Covid safe game, through the following control measures.

  • Staff disinfect or replace every prop and surface between every game.

  • A sink is provided at the entrance to the room for players to wash their hands before playing.

  • Customers and staff are required to wear masks, unless excempt.

  • Extra PPE is available for players who request it.

  • All interaction with staff will take place from a safe distance.

  • There will be no interaction with players from different teams.

Bristol Escape Rooms is based on the Harbourside, beside the M Shed.

2 players  -  £50 (£25 per player)

3 players  -  £60 (£20 per player)

4 players  -  £70 (£17.50 per player)

5 players  -  £80 (£16 per player)

6 players  -  £90 (£15 per player)

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