-Why should we choose Bristol Escape Rooms?

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-What is an Escape Room?

An Escape room is a real life adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles, using clues, team work and hints, to escape a room before 60 minutes elapses.

-Who is it for?

Families, friends, corporate events, students, pretty much anyone who wants to have some fun and challenge themselves at the same time.

-Will we have the room to ourselves?

Yes, you will have exclusive use of the room.

-Will we have our own host?

Yes. We operate a one host to one team policy. You will never be left waiting because the host is with another team.

​-Can children play?

Escape Rooms are designed for adults but children love to take part too. Kids tend to be good at finding things and adults are good at figuring things out. Children aged 10+ may be able to solve some of the puzzles. Under 10s will struggle to participate but may still enjoy the atmosphere. Unfortunately toddlers are not allowed in the rooms for their safety. There must be at least one adult on a team. 

-Can the team have more than six players?

As with most escape rooms, the reason we limit the number of players to six, is to ensure everyone has a fantastic experience. If there are more than six players, the room can become cramped, some players can end up on the side lines and the experience can become less enjoyable. 


​-Is it scary?

No. The room is well lit and there are no loud noises or gruesome sites.

-Can I get out of the room in an emergency?

Yes, there is an emergency exit.

-Can I store my coat and bag securely?

Yes. You will have sight and access to your belongings at all times.

-Are there toilet facilities?


-Can I bring an extra player on the day?

Yes, you can either call and pay the extra £10 over the phone or pay the game master cash when you arrive.

-How difficult is it?

You will be challenged, but don’t worry, your game master will give you hints when you need them. ​Whether you are an experienced group or new to Escape Rooms you will find the experience challenging but thrilling.

-Are the challenges physical?

You have to use your hands but no physical exertion is required. This is a mental challenge. If players have particular disabilities, please contact us to plan how the ​experience can be as enjoyable as possible for all. Unfortunately the rooms can't be accessed by wheelchair users due to stairs.

-Can I take photos?

You can't take photos or videos in the Escape Rooms, but your host will take team photos at the end of the activity. There is no charge for the photos.

-What should I wear?

We recommend casual wear and flat soled footwear. You won’t get dirty.​

-Can I just turn up?

Pre booking is required. It is highly unlikely there will be an available space if you attend without booking. 

-Why is Blackbeard’s dungeon unavailable

Unfortunately, Blackbeard’s Dungeon will be closed for the duration of the covid pandemic, as it’s impossible to disinfect all the props and surfaces between games.

-Can I redeem my expired voucher

Yes. All vouchers that expired while we were closed, due to Covid, will still be honoured. Please email us the voucher, so we can facilitate this.

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