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The year is 1718 and Blackbeard, Bristol's most famous pirate, has imprisoned you in his dungeon. You have 60 minutes to solve his puzzles and escape in order to prove you are worthy to join his crew.


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You've been on the crew for two weeks and now have to earn your keep. Blackbeard captured a French merchant vessel. It didn't have any treasure on board but an officer disclosed that a treasure map is hidden down below.


The French navy are closing in. You have one hour to find the map. If you don't succeed, you're going to lose your heads.

The crew aren't happy with how the captain's been sharing the spoils. They know he's got a treasure chest full of loot in his quarters. 

Blackbeard has just gone on shore for an hour. The crew lock you in his cabin. They will only let you out if you find the chest and figure out how to open it.

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